We achieve the highest possible quality and shelf life through proven and innovative bottling technologies, such as the NitroHotfill process. Our modern machinery and specialist staff ensure that we attain the highest standards. For every product.

Packaging types

On our bottling lines we fill glass bottles, PET bottles and post-mix containers in the standard commercial sizes. By request we will also be pleased to offer you other forms of packaging. 

Glass bottles

• Bottling equipment: KHS, Krones, HEUFT
• Disposable and reusable containers: 0.2 litres to 1 litre
• Wide variety of closures (28MCA, crown cork, twist-off)
• Packaging options: cases or shrinktrays

PET bottles

• Bottling equipment: Krones NitroHotfill process
• Containers: 0.2 litres to 1 litre
• Packaging options: shrinkpacks without carton

Post-mix containers  

• Bottling equipment: Comac
• Post-mix containers: 10 kg to 20 kg 

  Shot bottles  

  • Containers: 30 ml and 60 ml  

Logistics solutions

As a contract bottler active for many different branded manufacturers, we also offer a variety of logistics services. We develop customised logistics concepts which we implement together with our logistics partners.